Alphabites A to Z Wooden Puzzle > Begin Again

  • $50.00

An Alphabet Puzzle that serves up learning and role playing in one.

Each of the A to Z 26 chunky puzzle pieces is a food, condiment or cooking tool and each is labeled with its full name.  The 10x16" wood storage case does double duty with an illustrated serving tray on one side and a stovetop on the other side. 

From Apple to Zuccinni, kids can put together a puzzle, have dramatic kitchen play and learn their letters too. 

Recommended for age 3 and up.  

  • Fun Puzzle and Food Playset in One.
  • The wooden box is printed with a stove on one side and a serving tray on the other side.
  • Made from Eco-Friendly rubber wood with child safe stains.
  • NAPPA Silver Award Winner.